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2011 Kelly Global Workforce Index

Social Networking Changing the Landscape for Indian Job Seekers,
Kelly Global Workforce Index™ Finds

More than one-in-five job aspirants surveyed in India access social networking sites to hunt for the right job, according to the latest survey results revealed by global workforce solutions leader, Kelly Services®. The survey also indicates that many are anxious about their potential career fallout from personal content on these sites.The findings are part of the ‘Kelly Global Workforce Index’, which obtained the views of approximately 97,000 people in 30 countries, including almost 2,000 in India.

The survey highlights that 35% of respondents are scouring social media sites, such as Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®, seeking job openings or promotions. The survey also reveals that a small percentage of people actually secured their most recent job through one of these sites.

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Mr. Kamal Karanth, Managing Director, Kelly Services said, “The use of social media has become more evident amongst job seekers in this technologically evolved market. It acts as a very distinctive and effective medium for both the employer and employee to connect and engage. More and more recruiters are using this tool as it helps in quickening the entire procedure of hiring and is cost effective.”

The survey conducted from October 2010 through January 2011, shows that while social media is active as an employment tool, so too is the apprehension about the damage it can have on careers. More than a quarter of respondents admit to deliberately editing content on their social networking pages to avoid career problems.

Mr. Karanth further added, “Job candidates and employers are becoming more and more adept in using this medium, which will eventually see it grow and evolve as an active means to find work and advance careers. The rapid advancement in technology will propel the usage of social media and will ensure its stay in the global recruitment market.”

Even though there is a positive sentiment around the use of social networking sites amongst these respondents, a vast majority of about 75% spend an hour or less per day on these sites, while 14% spend an hour or more each day and 11% spend no time at all.

“It is clear that as we are climbing the socio-economic ladder, searching for the right career opportunity is becoming more and more complex. In such a scenario, social networking has completely revolutionsised the way people look out for work and find out relevant information about the work culture of an orgnaisation. While these networking sites have bridged the gap between the employer and employee, it is also necessary that people are more watchful about what they are postings on these sites. Any new technology is a combination of positive and negative fundamentals so, one needs to be careful that they are tapping into the best elements of these sites when it is a matter of their career,” Mr. Karanth further added.

“When we see the job mark recovery post recession one of the glaring statistics that stare at us, is the drastic reduction in print media based recruitment. The increased recruitment without increase in print media usage is directly attributed to the social media based recruitment by employers and headhunters”. Mr. Karanth concludes.

Other key findings of the survey are:

  • 27% of respondents are worried that the content from their social networking sites could adversely impact their careers
  • 59% of respondents said that it is essential to be active on social media in order to advance their careers
  • 40% of respondents said their employers have social networking policies that regulate use at work

About the Kelly Global Workforce Index™ 

The Kelly Global Workforce Index is an annual survey revealing opinions about work and the workplace from a generational viewpoint. Approximately 97,000 people from the Americas, APAC and EMEA responded to the 2011 survey with results published on a quarterly basis. Kelly Services was the recipient of a MarCom Platinum Award in 2010 and a Gold Award in 2009 for the Kelly Global Workforce Index in the Research/Study category.


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